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With a healing and connected touch, a massage therapy session can include a soothing and stress relieving swedish massage. A blend of deep tissue, trigger point, neuromuscular and myofascial release modalities for treatment and relief of specific areas of muscle pain and tension. The light touch of Reiki therapy is facilitated for overall mind-body balance. Lynne is enthusiastic about teaching self care which includes gentle stretching, body mechanics and good nutrition.


"I highly recommend Lynne. Having had several injuries including whiplash, back and hip issues, golf elbow and the beginnings of carpal tunnel, I have had many therapeutic massages in my life. Lynne is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered. Not only has she relieved my back, neck and hip pain and increased my range of motion, but she has done so in a very relaxing way. She also was able to completly elminate the pain in my elbow and wrist."
Michelle Vernieri, Wilmington, NC

"Lynne brings a spirituality to her practice. Not only her knowledge about the body, but also the interconnectedness I felt with the mind-body. With this balanced approach, it also helped me to better understand myself."
Steve Bakunas, Wilmington, NC